at Orchard Organic Farm

Our hens live a long and happy life in small flocks, moving onto fresh range regularly through the year.  We feed the hens on a 100% organic ration mixed with our home grown corn. The health, welfare and quality of life of our hens is our number one priority. Happy hens produce good quality eggs.

Silver Link is a relatively new hybrid for the commercial free range egg producer, being slightly heavier than the Brown Nick they suit the organic producer well. They have good feathering, soft but dense. We have found them docile and happy hens. They produce a good number of uniform brown eggs.

Brown Nick pullets are a good layer of large dark brown eggs, the darkest shell colour of all the commercial layers. Feed intake is less as well, as they have a lower body weight than our other pullets. They are very friendly and busy hens who are often happy to sit around and chat; therefore we encourage them to range by providing shelters and scattering grain.

Black Rock is a traditional breed which is a first cross hybrid between selected strains of Rhode Island Red (male) and a Barred Plymouth Rock (female). They are a large and well feathered variety and love being outside.  They are not the most prolific layer, laying around 280 eggs in their first year. They produce a large, light brown egg. We have Black Rock hens over 6 years old and still laying well.