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at Orchard Organic Farm

Since 1995 we have planted approximately 3 acres of orchard on our farms south facing slopes. The orchard incorporates over 800 apple trees of mixed varieties plus some plums and cob nuts, which are all grown to the Soil Associations standards. Our apples are produced without use of chemical sprays or fertilisers, which hopefully ensures great tasting fruit that is really good for you, we hope you enjoy them.

The orchards also provide home to some of our 3000 organic laying hens.  In 2011 and 2012 we have planted a further 400 dessert apple trees in plots of about 80 trees which are within the ranges of the laying hens.  Trees provide a really nice environment for the hens to roam and scratch, very much thier ‘natural’ habitat.

Where to buy

Our second grade and wind fall apples, which being Organic can be a large proportion, are used in the making of Luscombe Organic Apple Juices.


Our first class eating apples are available at:

‘The Farm Gate’ our farm shop, visit our download area for directions
– Riverford Farm Shops
– Annies of Totnes
– Greenlife, Totnes
– Sunseed Organic Wholesaler


– room for more …….

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