• Probably the most satisfying thing you can do on a miserable day! ,
  • @patricktompkins You are welcome, bring family, do have to book via Soil Assoc website (link on fb). hope you are having good hol.,
  • Farm walk on Tuesday (2nd) at 16:30. Casual and free opportunity to come and have a look around. Feel free to contact us for more info.,
  • @Anniesfruits fair play to you!,

to Orchard Organic Farm.

Thank you for dropping in to find out all about Orchard Organic Farm. We are a busy Organic farm situated in South Devon and run by us, Jerry and Emma Saunders. It’s a family affair but as you can probably gather from the photos, our three children aren’t quite ready to run the business themselves… yet.

We specialise in producing organic eggs and organic apples. To find out more please explore the website!

Please explore this website to learn more about us and please feel free to contact us at any time and arrange a visit

Organic Eggs

Organic Apples